What does It Mean to Have A Cyst 4.5 cm on Your Kidney

Cyst should be cured in time, no matter Congenital renal cyst nor postnatal cysts. That is because the cysts may grow bigger and bigger with the age together, if the inner environment can not be improved from its root. Once you got a cysts large up to 4.5cm on your kidney, that means you need to take measures to shrink or remove it, otherwise, it may damage your kidney seriously and may lead to irreversible damage.

As we mentioned above, cysts may growth with your age together, so you should not ignore it. But it is hard to find it when its size is not big enough, but after it up to 4.5cm, it is so big and may growth bigger and bigger, even loss control at last. Until then, no therapies can cure it or stop the progression of this disease. So do not considered that there’s no need to cure small cyst, although it may not affect your daily life. Remember to control it earlier, the earlier the better. So as to control it at the early stage, you should pay high attention to the details of your daily life.

In addition, you should have enough rest after you got cyst in your kidney, especially after it up to 4.5cm. Never let yourself too tired, try your best to avoid strenuous exercise, at the same time keep away from stimulating food.

Last but not the least things is to find a proper treatment to shrink or remove the cysts in your kidney. If you need any help in curing your kidney disease, you are welcome to consult our online doctor or leave messages to us.


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